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Girls, girls, goal!

2009-02-09 10:46:39
By Patrick Kisembo, The Guardian, Tanzania.

Girls secondary schools topped the list of ten leading schools for the second year running in the last year`s Form Four examination results released by the National Examinations Council (Necta) yesterday.

St. Francis Girls` Secondary School of Mbeya, which emerged number one in 2007, retained the position, likewise Coast Region`s Marian Girls` Secondary School kept its number two status.

The results released yesterday by Necta in a press statement show that 168, 420 (75.82 pct) out of 233, 848 (96.84 pct) candidates, who sat for the exams have passed.

However, the pass level has dropped by 10.13 per cent, from 85.95 per cent in the previous year to 75.82 per cent, according to the statement, signed by Necta Executive Secretary Joyce Ndalichako.

However, the statement said 3, 284 more candidates passed last year`s examinations compared to 2007.

Apart from St Francis and Marian, other schools which had impressive results are St. Joseph-Kilocha Seminary of Iringa, Uru Seminary of Kilimanjaro, Dungunyi Seminary of Singida and Anwarite Girls Secondary of Kilimanjaro.

In the list also are St Mary Goreti Secondary of Kilimanjaro, Feza Boys of Dar es Salaam, Don Bosco Seminary of Iringa and Rosmini Secondary School of Tanga.

A total of 241, 472 candidates registered for the examinations both in the Mainland and Zanzibar out of which 233,848 sat for the exams and 7, 624 didn`t.

The statement said that the level of performance by division has dropped by 5.04 per cent, whereby candidates who scored between Division One and Three totalled 41, 018 compared to 44, 348 in the previous year.

In general 5, 321 candidates scored Division I, 9, 668 Division II, and 26, 029 Division III, making a total to 41, 081.

She said most candidates performed well in Kiswahili language where 81.59 per cent passed, but generally performed badly in Basic Mathematics, where only 24.33 passed.

Necta has withheld results of 5, 135 candidates who had not settled their examination fees, said the statement adding that their results would be out as soon as they pay the fees.

According to the statement, Necta has also withheld results of 495 candidates from 23 schools because their headmasters/mistress did not pay exam fees.

``We have withheld results of 22 candidates of Upendo Secondary School because the there were no daily continuous assessments provided,`` read the statement, in part.

Necta also withheld results of 4, 808 candidates because some course requirements were not fulfilled.

The Necta statement also said that the council has cancelled the results of 347 candidates over exam cheating and of 50 others over forgeries during registration.

Giving his reaction to the results, the Association of Private Schools secretary, Benjamin Mkonya, said the results reflected the way the private sector, particularly privates schools were fairing in furthering education in the country.

``If you look at the list, the first ten schools are private schools, this shows that they are managing their activities well,`` he said.

Mkonya said the problem with public schools was that there had been a lot of mismanagement in education.

``Well the education system, the curricula and policy is good, but there is poor management in that the entire system has been politicised,`` he said.

Mkonya said public schools had not been performing well because of excessive interference by politicians in matters pertaining to academics.

According to Necta, the ten best schools for those with more than 35 candidates are St Francis Girls, Marian Girls, Feza Boys, St Joseph-Kilocha Seminary, Anwarite Girls, Don Bosco Seminary, Rosmini, Uru Seminary, Dungunyi Seminary, St. Mary Goreti Secondary.

The ten best schools for schools with less than 35 candidates are Scolastica Secondary of Kilimanjaro, Feza Girls of Dar es Salaam, Brookebond Secondary of Iringa, Bethelsabas Girls of Iringa, Maua Seminary of Kilimanjaro, Rubya Seminary of Kagera, St Marys Junior Seminary of Coast Region, Katoke Seminary of Kagera, Kilomeni Secondary of Kilimanjaro and St. Carolus Secondary of Singida.

Ten schools which did poorly (for those with more than 35 candidates) are Selembala Secondary of Morogoro, Kilindi Secondary of Pemba, Ngwachani Secondary of Pemba, Michiga Secondary of Mtwara, Ummussalama Secondary of Coast Region, Chunyu Secondary of Dodoma, Busi Secondary of Dodoma, Uondwe Secondary of Pemba, Nala Secondary of Dodoma and Maawal Secondary of Tanga.

Ten schools which did poorly (for those with less than 35 candidates) are Juhudi Academy of Zanzibar, Mima Secondary of Dodoma, Selenge Secondary of Singida, Kijini Secondary of Zanzibar, Kwamkoro Secondary of Tanga, Kwala Secondary of Coast Region, Mtende Secondary of Zanzibar, Ng`oboko Secondary of Shinyanga, Mbuzini Secondary of Pemba and Mwadui Technical of Shinyanga.

Meanwhile, Necta has released Qualifying Test (QT) results.

Results announced by the council yesterday show that a total of 5, 653 candidates, equivalent to 27.02 per cent, passed the QT last year.

A total of 23, 266 candidates were registered for QT exams last year, as compared to 26,480 candidates in 2007.

A total of 29, 924 candidates` equivalent to 89.93 of those who had registered did the exams.

The statement said the council has cancelled results of nine candidates over cheating.

  • SOURCE: Guardian

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